Willis Case Mens Club Golf

Welcome to Willis Case Men's Club

2011 Golf Season is in full stride!

We would like to invite any golfer that wants to play in tournaments and meet some great people to join the 2011 Willis Case Men’s Club! We are going to continue to collect the tournament prize fund for all the tournaments in the initiation fee at the beginning of the year. This worked great last year and we hope to continue the success of having great fields even late in the year. We want players that can play in many events!

2011 Willis Case Men’s Club Dues: $160

The $100 you pay in the initiation fee is distributed in the following way: Ten dollars per member, per tournament day, will go into the prize pool. If we have 50 members in the club then each tournament will have $500 in the prize pool per day. So the number of players in a tournament does not determine the size of the prize fund; for example, if only 10 members sign up for a tournament then they will play for the $500! This really encourages you to play in as many events as you can, because you have already paid to get into the prize fund for each tournament. Once you pay the initiation fee the only thing you would have to pay to play in each tournament would be the green fees! We will have optional side pots but these are totally voluntary.

If you would like, you can pay the dues in installments, for instance $40 a month for four months or however you would want to spread it out. But before you can play in a tournament you have to be a fully paid member!!

2011 Men’s Club:

More info: Bill Kell 720-480-9515, Todd Vaughn 303-601-3695

Course Information:

4999 Vrain St.
Denver, CO 80212
Main: (720) 865-0700
Bar&Grill: (720) 865-0708
Tee Times: (303) 784-4000